2019 Judging Panel

We have a great panel of judges for this years Mr Rubber NL election. Distinguished titleholders from all over the world come to Amsterdam to help pick our next Mr Rubber

International Geared Up Pup 2019 – Tosa

Tosa is from Montreal Canada and was Pup Montreal 2017 and is International Geared Up Pup 2019. He is very active in the gay and fetish scene with for instance co-organizing weekly events with IPC International Puppy 2018 for WoofMTL. 

He has been a performer in many shows promoting Puppy Play and Gear in the fetish scene since 2014. Facilitator of multiple workshops on BDSM (with topics including puppy play, wrestling, power exchange, headspace, and more!).  His mission is to inspire anyone interested in puppy-play and make this practice less «taboo» for society.

Mr Leather Nederland 2019 – Axe

Axe was named Mr Leather Netherlands during Amsterdam Leatherpride 2018 and has since been very active in the fetish scene.

He is supporting the introduction of PREP in the Caribean parts of the Kingdom and active in organising fetish events and appeared on Curacao National Television to build bridges between European Netherlands and Caribean Netherlands.

Mr International Rubber – Guillaume

Guillaume won the thrilling Mr International Rubber contest last November in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. After performing a whipping act on stage, the audience couldn’t get enough of him. Guillaume is now travelling extensively to attend and support rubber events around the globe. In his own words he is “Big shinny cuddly kitty on heels that does his best to be a good human being”. His wordwide experience is welcomed in our judging panel.

Mr Rubber Netherlands – Niels

Having won the Mr Rubber Nederland 2018 title in october 2017, Niels has had the longest run as a “reigning” mister. But he made good use of it, supporting and visiting numerous rubber events, introducing newbies to the scene and supporting protest marches like #chechnya100 .