Mr Rubber NL Elections

On June 1st, 2019 we organise the Mr Rubber NL 2019 elections as the main event of the first Dutch Rubbermen Weekend.

During the elections the candidates present themselves and will try to impress both the judges and public in the hopes to be selected as Mr Rubber NL 2019.

The exact program for the election show is not yet finalised but will be comparable what we have done in previous years: a combination of show, acts by the candidates, answering questions and interviews.

Application for candidates for Mr Rubber NL 2019 is open and will stay open until around May 22nd, 2019.

Information for potential candidates:

  • In case too many candidates enter the competition the Mr Rubber NL board will propose the judges to perform a preselection
  • Candidates get points from both the judges and the public, these each count for 50% of the final score.
  • The winner will be asked to reserve time around the Mr International Rubber event in 2019 in Chicago to be able to join in that contest. This event usually takes place in the first weekend of November. The Mr Rubber Netherlands board support the new Mr Rubber NL with a financial contribution to cover most of the costs for a return plane ticket (economy class).
  • as a candidate you will need to be available at the following times:
    • Friday May 31: join the Fundraiser event and Dutch Rubbermen Social and participate in the official parts of these events.
    • Saturday June 1: During the afternoon be available for interviews by the jury and rehearsals for the election show (you will need to prepare several things beforehand). During the main event on the Saturday evening you will need to participate in the elections themselves.
    • Sunday June 2: Be available to join in the Brunch and various farewell events in shops (to be detailed later).
    • of course we like you to participate in other Dutch Rubbermen Weekend events as much as possible.
  • During the Mr Rubber NL 2020 elections next year we expect the winner to be part of the jury!


If you want to apply as a candidate for the Mr Rubber NL 2019 elections, please download and fill out the application form below and send to (note, the form is in Dutch, if you require an English form, let us know)